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Students and the Online Classroom

Joining Your Class Online

Join your class online to get the Zoom meeting adress for you live class meetings, gain access to materials posted by your instructor, and to post your homework. Joining your class online is easy, you simply need to:

Log into the LMS at

Click on the house-shaped icon in the upper left to reach your User Home page

Click the "Home" icon to go to your home page

The User Home page lists all of your courses.

Click the big, blue "Enter Class" for the class you wish to join

In the enrollments tab, click the "Enter Class" button to go to your course

The "Enter Class" button will take you to your class Outline.

Scroll to the top of the page to see the global navigation and click "Discussion" to go a list of all the discussion topics.


You will see a list of discussions topics and assignment topics.

Your instructor will have added a discussion topic for you with the Zoom meeting address so you can join your live class.

Read and participate in any class discussion topics created by your instructor


Your Online Classroom

The Outline lists all the topics your instructor has created.

Click the topic you would like to participate in.

The Outline lists your topics that you can participate in

Notifications of activity in the online classroom are managed via the bell icon at the top of the page. New notifications are indicated by a red counter. Click the bell and then the Settings link to specify how you would like to receive notifications. You will automatically receive all notifications within the system; you can also choose to receive them via email and/or via the Classes app.

Notifications and Settings

Posting and Commenting

Your online Class Discussion is a powerful tool that lets you share your work, communicate and get feedback from your instructor.

Your instructor will post a link here to the live meeting in Zoom.

Your instructor may also ask you to post your work to one of the discussion topics. It's easy to create new posts.

Click on the topic that you want to upload your work to.

Create a New Post

Create a new post by clicking the Create New Post button, or click Comment to add your response to an existing post.  


Add a subject line and any appropriate text. Upload your images and files. You can also record an audio or video message.

Tools to author posts and comments

For more information please see the How-To Library: Course Discussion Interface


Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that allows you to join your live class sessions virtually. To use Zoom, you will need a computer with internet connection, a webcam (built in or installed), a computer microphone (built in microphone, USB microphone or an inline microphone on headphones) and speakers or headphones. If you have never used Zoom before, you will be prompted to install the Zoom Desktop Client before launching the meeting. This is a free, one time installation that is required for using computer audio and sharing your screen. You will then be prompted to enter your name to join. 

*You do not need to sign up or pay for a Zoom account to participate in a Zoom meeting. After clicking on your Zoom class link, simply enter your first and last name when prompted. You will then be placed in a waiting room and your instructor will admit you*

To test your computer connection, audio and webcam ahead of your first class meeting, click here:

ZOOM DESKTOP CLIENT - The desktop client/application is a free, one time installation that allows you to use microphone audio and share your computer screen. You will be prompted to install the application when you open Zoom for the first time, or when you click here:

MICROPHONE AUDIO - After joining your Zoom meeting, click the microphone icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the Zoom meeting window to start computer audio. You can use a plug in or built in computer microphone. Headsets or earbuds with microphones also work well. Zoom support resources for testing audio:

VIDEO - After joining your Zoom meeting, click the camera icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the Zoom meeting window to start your webcam. You can use a built in or plug in webcam. Zoom support resources for video:

SCREEN SHARE - After joining your Zoom meeting, click the Share button in the bottom middle of your Zoom window to start sharing your screen. If you do not see a Share button, let your instructor know so they can grant you access. Zoom support resources for screen share:

We suggest sharing your desktop for flexibility during screen share (allows you to easily move between images, websites, videos, etc.). When you share your desktop, it is important to remember that all participants can see your full desktop and anything that you have open.

If you plan to share video with audio, you must check the Share Computer Sound checkbox at the bottom of the screen sharing options pop-up.




The Academy Mobile App

Also, make sure you download the Academy of Art University Classes app from Appleā€™s App Store or from Google Play so you can receive notifications on your mobile lock screen.  

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Help Desk

Need help more help?

If you are having trouble logging into your online class, please contact the Online Help Desk.

Phone: 1-415-618-3545
Toll-free phone: 1-888-431-2787
Help Desk hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week