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What's On This Page

On this page you will find information on how to teach your onsite courses online and available resources. If you have any questions please contact your department Director, or for technical support the Online Helpdesk.

  • As an instructor you’re required to host a live meeting at the same day/time as your regularly scheduled classes.
  • To host your live meetings simply install Zoom by  visiting and clicking Sign in. You will be prompted to enter your Academy credentials (same login as your academy email Microsoft 365/Outlook* credentials) to get setup with your own Zoom room. You’ll find more detailed zoom instructions below and The Academy will be hosting live training and QA sessions.
  • You also have a class discussion where you will post your live meeting address, students can post work and you can give them feedback.

To get started please begin by logging into the Academy’s LMS, where you’ll find your courses listed: Academy of Art University Log In

Once you login, click on the home icon in the upper left.  

Click the "Home" icon to be sure you are on the your home page

Use the big blue “Enter Class” button to go straight to a specific online course.

Instructor Home Page
Enter Class

Your course Outline lists all your discussion and assignment topics. Click the topic you would like to participate in.

Course Outline shows any topics associated with the module

Your Online Classroom

You can collect work digitally by creating a topic to which students can upload their files. To add or edit topics, use the global navigation to choose “Discussion.”

Use the "Discussion" link in the global navigation to go to your classroom

Create a new topic by clicking the Add Section Topic link. (If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, you can use the Global Topics interface to create a single set of topics available in all sections, but this approach may cause confusion regarding specific due dates.)

Add Section Topic, Global Topics, and the Instructor tools plus the class discussion

Pro tip: If you associate your new topic with a module, the topic will also appear on the Outline, making it easier for students to find.

Add Section Topic
Associate topic with a module, so it will show on the Outline

You receive notifications from the “bell” icon on your computer, and you can manage how you receive notifications in your settings.

Notifications and Settings

Posting and Commenting

You can participate in the Discussion by either creating a new post or commenting on someone else’s post. 

Create a new post by clicking the Create New Post button.


Create a New Post

Add a subject line and any appropriate text. Upload your images and files. You can also record an audio or video message.

Authoring tools for creating posts and comments

For more information, best practices, and advise on how to manage your online class discussion, please consult:

The online teaching Library: For Online Instructors

For more information about the classroom interfaces, see: Course Discussion Interface

Live Meetings (Zoom)

Zoom is available to all Academy faculty. This tool allows you to join live online meetings, share video, images, record your meetings and more.   

Please start by installing the  Zoom Desktop Client for meetings:   

LOGIN: To set up your new Zoom account, please visit and click Sign in. You will then be prompted to enter your Academy credentials , which are the same login as your Academy email - Microsoft 365/Outlook* login.

Please note: If you are a part-time faculty who has yet to setup your Academy email account, you can do so by logging in to the LMS Portal, then clicking on the large instructors tile > Faculty Email link. If you have any questions, or need help setting up this account please can contact IT at 415-618-6400 or

Getting Started – For onsite virtual classes, schedule a recurring meeting per course by clicking on SCHEDULE A MEETING in the upper right-hand corner of your Zoom profile.  

*Naming Structure - When scheduling a class meeting, it is required that you use the naming structure below when giving your meeting a topic name:

Regular Onsite Virtual Class:

Department_Course Number_Section Number_class

Example: ANM_498_02_class

PCAE Onsite Virtual Class:

Department_Course Number_Section Number_AE

Example: ANM_498_02_AE


Important: Please make sure you’ve posted your Zoom meeting URL in your online discussion so your students can find it.

Audio – Zoom lets you use  microphone or phone audio. We suggest that whenever possible you use your microphone for audio (built-in, plug-in, or headset). If your microphone isn’t working you can also dial in via phone.

Recording – You can record your live meetings to the cloud or locally to your computer *Recording required for all class meetings*

Zoom Support

We have a support team available for any individual support needs:

Also, the Online HelpDesk is available to support students and faculty 24/7

Phone: 1-415-618-3545
Toll-Free Phone: 1.888.431.2787

The Academy Mobile App

Also, make sure you download the Academy of Art University Classes app from Apple’s App Store or from Google Play! This will allow you to  receive notifications on your mobile lock screens.

Apple App Store
Google Play

Help Desk

Please remember, if you need help or have any questions about online tools, the Academy has a 24/7 Help Desk.  


Phone: 1-415-618-3545

Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-431-2787

Help Desk Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week